Menu Assisted Query


Menu-Assisted Query is provided for beginners and users who do not wish to learn the format of a search statement. Searches are entered by typing in words or phrases and choosing options from a menu.

Simple Query

To make a Menu-Assisted query:

1. Type the text you want to find into the "Find all documents that contain..." box.

2. Choose the OK button.

After executing your query, the ISYS:web Query Results displays the matching documents. You can then browse the documents.

You can enter a single word or a phrase. You may use either upper or lower case characters since ISYS:web is not case sensitive.

You can also use wildcards, word tense conflation and synonym expansion in your query.

The words that appear in the hit list may not exactly match the information your typed. ISYS:web Query Results will vary if Fuzzy Precompensation, synonym expansion or word tense conflation are used.

Compound Query

To build a compound query you use the buttons which appear below the text box in the Menu-Assisted page.

1. Type the first word or phrase you want to find.

2. Choose the button for a conditional operator (And, Or, etc.).

3. Type in the second word or phrase.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all of the words, phrases and operators you wish to use.

5. Choose the OK button to execute the search.

You can use up to 16 operators in one query.

ISYS:web displays the equivalent command to type for a Command-Based in the query so far box.

Editing Previous Queries

You can return to the Menu-Assisted Query page after making a query, by using your Browser's Back button. If you choose this button, you will be able to step back and edit your last query.

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Menu-Assisted Operator Reference

The operators which can be used to specify conditional searches in the Menu-Assisted Query are:

AND which ALSO contain ...

OR which contain ...

  • Locates documents which contain any one of the entered words or phrases.
    E.g. documents that contain author or which contain writer.
  • But do NOT contain ...

  • Locates documents which contain the first word or phrase, but not the second.
    E.g. documents that contain record bot do not contain expense.
  • Within a PARAGRAPH of ...

  • Locates documents which contain both words or phrases, but also within a paragraph on either side of each other.
    E.g. documents that contain record within a paragraph sales.
  • In the same PARAGRAPH as ...

    For example, the document:

    It's been a record year for sales

    Our profits are at their highest levels.

    Will be found by the query:
    record Within a Paragraph of profits

    but will not be found by:
    In the Same Paragraph as profits

    Within 10 WORDS of ...

  • Locates documents in where both words or phrases appear in the same paragraph and within ten words of one another.
    E.g. documents that contain section twelve within 10 words of ruling.
  • Followed anywhere by ...

  • Locates documents in where the first word or phrase is followed anywhere by the second.
    E.g. documents that contain technical summary followed anywhere by widget type ten.
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    Additional Query Features

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